• Libya International CO. Title:
  • Date:
    June 17th – 19th. 2014
  • Place:
    That El-Emad Towers
  • Organizer:

Introduction :

Based on the dedication of the National Oil Corporation to create a clean environment and balance in the oil and gas industry to meet with environmental and development issues in a positive way to accommodate scientific and technological requirements. Our goal is to build a National Environmental Culture committed to maintain the environmental impacts of the industry, in regard to environmental science and technology. Due to the growing interest in Environmental issues in the National Oil Industry, and what is dictated by local legislation and the requirements of environmental performance levels globally, the National Oil Corporation in collaboration with the Establishment of the Libyan Petroleum Institute of Oil will host the Second International Conference of the Environment in the Oil Industry and Exhibition, under the theme: Petroleum Environment- “The Challenges and Ambitions of the Present and the Future” during the period between 17th – 19th of June 2014 in Tripoli-Libya.

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